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Ramadan Ready

The most blessed, the most beautiful month of the year is right around the corner and I’m super excited! But are we ready for it?  What are we doing to prepare for this special month of mercy?  Here are a few tips and suggestions on how we can be Ramadan ready. Repent... Read more

Fast, the Sunnah the better

Monday  and Thursday for me is a day that I choose to fast. My intention is to fast every Monday and Thursday of my life In’sha Allah (God willing). Fasting on Monday and Thursday is a Sunnah, which I encourage all of you to do. So what exactly is a Sunnah? For those... Read more

Wanna date?

When I was younger, the only time I’d see a date or eat dates was during Ramadhan to break my fast with. However, now I have tried to make dates apart of my daily diet. Muslims are encouraged to break the fast with dates. There are a number of hadith and Qur’anic... Read more