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My Journey

Ramadan 2014, and the past year in general, has been very life changing for me. Some things I will say for the sake of hopefully benefiting at least someone In Sha Allah. Prior to that Ramadan, I was nothing but a regular girl captured by the delusions of this world.... Read more

Imaginary Love

My cousin who’s 3 months younger than me and I were best of friends when we were little. But then around the age of 6/7 they moved to another country.  But in the whole family there was this topic of gossip that we’d be together when we get older. Not... Read more

Drop the Competition Brothers

Everyone wants the best spouse, after all that is only natural. But the problem comes in when we start seeking a spouse based on a person we know, may it be a sister-in-law, cousin-in-law, or a friend’s wife.  This is a very unhealthy approach to take.  Everybody is... Read more

My Hijab Story

My story is comical in some respects, but I hope it will help people understand the journey that one takes when they choose to cover, and perhaps even inspire somebody who’s struggling with this aspect of their faith. I struggled with transition from an all... Read more