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My Journey

Ramadan 2014, and the past year in general, has been very life changing for me. Some things I will say for the sake of hopefully benefiting at least someone In Sha Allah. Prior to that Ramadan, I was nothing but a regular girl captured by the delusions of this world.... Read more

Imaginary Love

My cousin who’s 3 months younger than me and I were best of friends when we were little. But then around the age of 6/7 they moved to another country.  But in the whole family there was this topic of gossip that we’d be together when we get older. Not... Read more

Shoutouts (Instagram )

Those who are on Instagram will know me as @muslimatoday, I have two other pages aswell @seerahoftheprophetpbuh and @muslimanetwork, be sure to follow if you aren’t already jazakallah khair.  Last year I was on Instagram for around 6 months as but... Read more

Makeup Madness

What is going on? Almost, every girl I see looks perfect, too perfect I would say. If it is 9 O’clock in the morning or at 10 O’clock at night. There are certain sisters who have to make sure they look perfect all the time. Who wouldn’t dare have anyone see them... Read more