When a brother advises us about major blunders we proudly advocate in public- (and they do so with love and sincerity) if our only response is “stop silencing women”- please take a moment and realise what’s actually going on. It’s a coward’s way out and a type of bullying, especially if thousands of women also agree with them. So then why make it into a ‘’Men vs Women” issue?  

It is used as a decoy, a distraction to focus less on the corruption that is being spread. It’s used to change the subject and turning it into something that it isn’t. Taking the attention from oneself and directing it adversely to someone else. What happened to taking responsibility and modesty in our speech and tweets?

Unfortunately I feel a lot of the time, men are disrespected unfairly and made to feel stupid and invalid, it’s become almost a trend to diss our brothers and falsely accuse them. Even more so when they are coming from a place of genuine love, care and concern for us women.

We have or will have sons one day. We have men in our own families. Let’s not demonise all men to be the same and accuse them of being misogynistic and controlling. It’s just not fair. Let’s discourage the silencing of men in this way, and be respectful and considerate in our interactions both on and offline In Sha Allah. 

If you feel you have the right to criticise someone because “you are a part of that community” then please remember others are allowed to use their voice to advise, because they are too a part of the same community.

Only if we put our egos to the side we will see the difference between cruelty and sincerity in speech and action.

Please don’t silence our men
Please don’t silence our women
Listen to each other with sincerity
reflection and respect.

If you don’t agree
then agree to disagree

If someone has a genuine concern
don’t use their gender against them.

Remember modesty is just as
important in our speech, texts
and tweets.

Have healthy discussions
Silence your egos and just listen.. listen,
don’t react. Reflect and then answer.

There doesn’t have to be any
negativity or ‘beef’.
Come together, find a solution
and some relief.

And if you still can’t
see eye to eye
then don’t keep any grudges,
we all have differences.
Have each other’s backs,
give salaams and stand together.

Just remember this person is
still your brother and sister in
faith forever.

Maryam Yousaf



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