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I know for a fact Allah brought me to this blog because this is a story of mine I wanted to share for a while. During my first year of college I met a guy in my dorm and we started off just as friends. He wasn’t Muslim. I did have a little crush on […]

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My Christian Boyfriend & Nearly Losing Faith

Salam my dear brothers and sisters. Alhamdulliah for your blog, I am happy you are using this as a platform to spread Islam and foster peace amongst Muslims and Non-Muslims. What I am about to share is my story now some of my Muslim sisters might have experienced this and for some a doubt in […]

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Imaginary Love

My cousin who’s 3 months younger than me and I were best of friends when we were little. But then around the age of 6/7 they moved to another country.  But in the whole family there was this topic of gossip that we’d be together when we get older. Not everyone would talk about it […]

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Possessed by his Ex Girlfriend – a Haram Love Story

I met a guy about four years ago, he was a childhood friend but we had lost contact until we got older, he seemed like a dream come true with every word he said, everything he done for me. After many times of rejecting him I finally decided to pursue a relationship with him because […]

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Don’t Believe their Lies

Written in third person:  It all started in a public education setting: college. He sat next to a young naive girl, asked for her name, who she was and so forth. A typical American encounter, by questions only to find out they were of the same religion, ethnicity, and culture. What a coincidence? one would […]

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Allah will Surprise us with Something Better

I loved a man very much! He meant the world to me. We used to talk all day and night for 2 years, then we became religious somehow and we started to feel the wrong thing we’re doing so we decided not to talk in Ramadan and that gave us a chance to think about […]

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Haraam Relationships (1)

” I used to be involved with a guy for many years, I thought the best way was too keep the relationship going and to always impress him, make sure I can give him all the love he wants. The fact was that in the process I was loosing myself, at the age of 16 […]

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