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I know for a fact Allah brought me to this blog because this is a story of mine I wanted to share for a while. During my first year of college I met a guy in my dorm and we started off just as friends. He wasn't Muslim. I did have a little crush on him but ignored... Read more

Imaginary Love

My cousin who’s 3 months younger than me and I were best of friends when we were little. But then around the age of 6/7 they moved to another country.  But in the whole family there was this topic of gossip that we’d be together when we get older. Not... Read more

Don’t Believe their Lies

Written in third person:  It all started in a public education setting: college. He sat next to a young naive girl, asked for her name, who she was and so forth. A typical American encounter, by questions only to find out they were of the same religion, ethnicity, and... Read more