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Black Magic – An Evil Reality

Black magic has been widespread for a very long time. The practise of black magic has been passed down from generation to generation and its existence is beyond dispute. The Literal meaning of black magic: According to Al-Layth, black magic is an act which brings one... Read more

Anxiety & Depression

I write this blog as a response to many private messages I have received via Instagram. Please note that I am not an expert or a professional in this field but I will share some information that you may find helpful. It might be better to contact a doctor or a... Read more

Qur’an – Ruqya Healing

One of Allah’s blessings upon His creatures is the ‘remedial’ aspect of Islam, and the treatment it offers for diseases, be they apparent or hidden, chronic or otherwise. Indeed, Allah (SWT) has made the Qur’an a source of refuge for mankind from all evil: “O mankind,... Read more