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My Hijab

My Hijab This is a blog hop for World Hijab Day so please do take the time to read the posts of these lovely ladies: Rashdah Hameed, World Hijab Day – Celebrating Muslimahs... Read more

Dear Sisters what has happened to your Modesty?

I look around and I see sisters, who sadly have no sense of haya or modesty. The immodest clothes, the actions, the foul speech, the bad attitude and mannerisms and vanity. The nature of the provocative and flirtatious body language on display which sends out a... Read more

Beautiful Inside & Out

Self-esteem and Inward Beauty One of the crises we have all around the world is self-esteem, especially affecting us woman. There are woman who can dress however they want. But, being Muslim we need to remember that we have restrictions on how we can dress and what we... Read more

Seductive Selfies

Seductive Selfie-Side Effects When I joined the ‘Social Media Craze’ almost instantly, I felt vulnerable. I felt like I had entered a dark world in which self-worth was determined by the number of seductive and glamorous selfies, likes and follows. A place full of... Read more