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My Journey

Ramadan 2014, and the past year in general, has been very life changing for me. Some things I will say for the sake of hopefully benefiting at least someone In Sha Allah. Prior to that Ramadan, I was nothing but a regular girl captured by the delusions of this world.... Read more

My Hijab Story

My story is comical in some respects, but I hope it will help people understand the journey that one takes when they choose to cover, and perhaps even inspire somebody who’s struggling with this aspect of their faith. I struggled with transition from an all... Read more

Hijab & Back to Allah

My parents aren’t the most religious my Dads biki (has a gang in the Freemason) and is coverend in tattoos and he drinks ( may Allah keep us away from the haram) he stopped practising Islam a long time ago when someone told him he wasn’t praying in the... Read more