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“Stop Silencing Women”

  When a brother advises us about major blunders we proudly advocate in public- (and they do so with love and sincerity) if our only response is “stop silencing women”- please take a moment and realise what’s actually going on. It’s a coward’s way out and a type... Read more

Drop the Competition Brothers

Everyone wants the best spouse, after all that is only natural. But the problem comes in when we start seeking a spouse based on a person we know, may it be a sister-in-law, cousin-in-law, or a friend’s wife.  This is a very unhealthy approach to take.  Everybody is... Read more

Boyfriends & Girlfriends

You see all the loved up people around you and find it just so adorable and cute. You want to be that girl that is the centre of attention of her man’s world. Someone that he would do anything for. You see the cute couples in the movies, or in real life, and it makes... Read more