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Fast, the Sunnah the better

Monday  and Thursday for me is a day that I choose to fast. My intention is to fast every Monday and Thursday of my life In’sha Allah (God willing). Fasting on Monday and Thursday is a Sunnah, which I encourage all of you to do. So what exactly is a Sunnah? For those... Read more

Manners Matter

I see people all around me but I don’t see good manners. Why is this? I mean something so basic as good manners, and surely so simple and easy for even a child to have and learn, then why? Exactly what has happened that even the people that are “practising” lack... Read more

Who are you following?

Who are you following and more importantly who are you allowing to follow you? Would you let random men or boys look at you, and eye you up and down and stare at you without saying something or feeling awkward? Then why is it any different on social media? Would you... Read more

Easy Steps to Hijab

I’m not going to lecture you about wearing the hijab but I will encourage you to embrace this crown given to you by your Lord. We all have struggles, not wearing a hijab doesn’t make you any less of a Muslimah or less pious (Allah knows best) but it does make you fall... Read more