2015-07-27_09.33.09I met a guy about four years ago, he was a childhood friend but we had lost contact until we got older, he seemed like a dream come true with every word he said, everything he done for me. After many times of rejecting him I finally decided to pursue a relationship with him because he had won me over, however this is when my downfall began. I started missing prayers the days I went to see him, he was such a egotistic guy that he made me feel insecure by constantly bragging about his past haram relationships, this made me feel like I also needed to be like that and the shaytaan played games with my head so I started to dress more revealingly, I started saying and doing everything for this guy just to please him. Although this story might sound a bit typical, there was so much more to it. One day I had a dream with a really scary looking girl saying his name and telling me to leave him because he was hers, I didn’t take any note of this dream until one day I received a call on private with the same girls voice saying the same things which were in my dream, from that day onward I felt as if something was inside of me making me cry at night and it hurt my inside. It was undescribable. I then asked the guy if he knew this girl because she mentioned her name in my dreams and he looked so shocked and scared he said that’s my ex how do you know her and he told me stories about how she tried to do black magic on him and how it got so bad at a point. This girl promised me that she would make me come so close to him and take me away from my deen then eventually leave me crazy, and that’s exactly what happened. I nearly became suicidal I was extremely attached to him to a point were I seemed crazy, I took part in haraam things with him just so he won’t leave me and slowly he became a minster in my life, he treated me so bad but I felt as if I couldn’t leave him, I soon started getting attacked from within me by a jinn and that’s when I thought I’ve had enough. Leaving him was the hardest thing and turning back to my deen was even harder. I told my family about him and asked them for help, after getting ruqya done we found out I was possessed by a jinn sent by his ex girlfriend and I needed to either marry him or leave him. After telling him this he totally backed out and started acting like he doesn’t want me anymore so I put my trust in Allah and alhumdulillah at the start of Ramadan I left him and started wearing hijab I repented every single night and asked Allah to guide me and alhumdulillah I’ve never been happier I feel like Allah has given me another chance in life and In Sha Allah I will never go back to how I used to be.

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