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Black magic has been widespread for a very long time. The practise of black magic has been passed down from generation to generation and its existence is beyond dispute.

The Literal meaning of black magic:

According to Al-Layth, black magic is an act which brings one closer to, and with the help of, Satan.According to Al-Azhari, the basic meaning of black magic is to make something appear in a form other than its real one.According to Ibn Mandhur, black magic occurs when a sorcerer makes something false appear real, or makes something appear to people differently from its true form. It means that the sorcerer gives an object a status other than its real one.Shamir reported on the authority of Ibn Aisha: “Arabs have given it the name black magic because it can transform good health into illness”.According to Ibn Faris, some say that black magic is to present falsehood in the form of truth.

–  According to Muhit al-Muhit, black magic is casting a spell.

The technical meaning of Black magic (according to Muslim tradition):

According to Al-Fakhr Ar-Razi, black magic, according to Muslim tradition, is anything of which the cause is hidden, and which appears in a form other than its real one and intends to distort the reality of things and deceive.

According to Ibn Qudama Al-Maqdisi, black magic is a set of ‘uqad (knots), ruq (incantations), and words uttered or written, or carried out in such a way as to affect the body of the subject (al-mashr), his heart or mind, without even coming into contact with him/her. The reality of black magic is that there are some types that can kill, sicken or thwart a man’s sexual intercourse with his wife. Other types can separate spouses and can make them hate or love each other.

According to Ibn-Qayyim, black magic is a combination of the effects of evil spirits and the reaction of natural forces.

Black magic is an agreement between a sorcerer and a Satan which stipulates that the sorcerer fulfil the Satan’s request by committing certain illegal or polytheisitic acts, and that the Satan assists and obeys the sorcerer by fulfilling his request. Both the sorcerer and Satan are, therefore, two accomplices in disobeying Allah (SWT).

Black Magic in the Light of Qur’an and Sunnah

The relationship between the jinn and sorcerer is a strong one; for the Jinn and demons are the driving force behind the achievement of black magic. Some people deny the existence of jinn and, thus, sorcery.

Evidence from the Qur’an of the existence of jinn and demons is numerous and known. I will share with you just a few.

“Satan only desires to precipitate enmity and hatred between you in regard to wine and arrow-shuffling, and to bar you from the remembrance of Allah, and from prayer. Will you then desist?” Al-Ma’ida 5:91

“There are certain men of mankind who would take refuge with certain men of the jinn, and they increased them in vileness” Al-Jinn 72:6

“O believers, follow not the steps of Satan; for whosoever follows the steps of Satan, assuredly he bids to indecency and dishonour” An-Nur 24:21

There is an entire chapter on the Jinn in the Quran (Chapter 62) and other mentions of it.

Again, there are numerous narrations from the hadith; I will only mention a few.

Saffiyya bint Huyay narrated:

“The Prophet (pbuh) said, “Satan circulates in the human being as blood circulates in the body”.

Abdulllah Ibn Umar(ra) reported:

“The Prophet (pbuh) said: “When you eat or drink, do not use your left hand, because Satan eats and drinks with his left hand”.

Abu Said al-Khudri reported the Prophet (pbuh) as saying:

“Whenever you yawn, put your hand on your mouth to stop Satan from entering”.

Below I’ve mentioned only a few evidences of Black Magic from the Qur’an:

“.. and they follow what the Satans recited over Sulayman’s Kingdom. Sulayman disbelieved not but the Satans disbelieved, teaching the people sorcery, and that which was sent down upon Babylon’s two angels, Harut and Marut; they taught not any man without saying, ‘We are but a temptation, so do not disbelieve’. From them they learned how they might divide a man and his wife, yet they did not hurt any man thereby, save by the leave of Allah, and they learnt what hurt them and did not profit them, knowing well that whosoever buys it shall have no share in the world to come; evil then was that for which they sold themselves; if they had but known.” Al Baqara 2:102

“Moses said, ‘(What) do you say this to the truth, when it has come to you? Is this sorcery? But the sorcerers do not prosper.” Yunus, 10:77

“Say: ‘I take refuge with the Lord of the daybreak from the evil of what He has created, from the evil of darkness when it gathers, from the evil of the women who blow on knots, from the evil of the envier when he envies.” Al Falaq 113:1-5

Overall, verses on black magic and sorcerers are profuse and known even to those with little knowledge of Islam.

Ibn ‘Abbas (ra) reported:

“The Prophet (pbuh) said, ‘A person who has acquired knowledge of one of the sciences of astrology, has acquired knowledge of one of the branches of black magic, and the greater his knowledge of astrology, the greater his knowledge of black magic.”

The Prophet (pbuh) warned that black magic must be avoided as it is one of the most serious sins, and this in itself is evidence for its existence.

Abu Hurayra (ra) reported:

“The Prophet (pbuh) said, ‘Avoid the seven serious sins (As-sab’ Al-Mubiqat).” People asked, ‘What are they?’ The Prophet (pbuh) replied, ‘Shirk (polytheism), black magic (sorcery), unlawful killing of a person, taking usury, taking an orphan’s wealth, retreat at the time of jihad, and accusing chaste wives of fornication”.

Imran Ibn Husayn reported:

“The Prophet (pbuh) said, ‘He is not one of us who practices at-Tatayyur (foreboding) or has it done for him; who practices takahhun (clairvoyance) or has it done for him; who practices black magic or has it done for him. And whosoever has sought the services of a clairvoyant and believed in what he has come up with, has in fact disbelieved in the Message sent to Muhammad (pbuh)”.

Distinctive Features of a Sorcerer’s Work

If you find one of the following characteristics in a person who treats people under a spell or other related illnesses, then this person is definitely a sorcerer.

He asks the patient his and his mother’s names.He takes a sweaty garment from the patient (a piece of cloth, cap, handkerchief, or flannel etc..) He sometimes asks for an animal, with certain specifications, in order to slaughter it without initiating the slaughter with the name of Allah.He writes incantations.He recites unclear incantations.He gives the patient a hijab (incantation written on a piece of paper), which contains squares within which letters or figures are written.He instructs the patient to isolate himself/herself in a dark room and not to talk to people for a specific period of time. The common people call it alhijba (act of remaining indoors for a long time).He sometimes instructs the patient not to touch water for a specific period of time, usually forty days. This indicates that this particular jinni, working for the sorcerer, is Christian.He gives the patient some items to bury in the ground.He gives the patient some pieces of paper to burn and use as incense for his or her body.He murmurs unclear words.He sometimes informs the patient of his name, his town and the purpose of the visit.He writes broken letters on a piece of paper (hijab or on a white porcelain plate, and instructs the patient to dissolve the writing in water, and then drink it.

If you discover that this man is a sorcerer, do not go to him; or else you are the person whom the Prophet (pbuh) describes in the following hadith:

“Whoever goes to a soothsayer and believes what he says, has disbelieved in the Message sent to Muhammad (pbuh)”.

According to Imam Ahmad, three companions of the Prophet (pbuh) confirmed that the punishment for a sorcerer is the death penalty. (Tafsir Ibn Kathir 1/144).

Black Magic Some Symptoms:

Feeling UGLY When you comb hair, you loose alot. Pain in shoulders, lower back and BELLY gets BLOATED BODY BRUISES and SPOTS When outside feel relaxed when inside feel opposite Hate wife or Hate husband When away from each other you miss each other, when together you don’t like each other. 

Suspicious about each other You don’t appreciate anything that the husband does or wife does.

Symptoms when one is awake:

1.Turning away, in particular from acts of worship and obedience, the remembrance of Allah and reading the Quran.

وَمَنْ يَعْشُ عَنْ ذِكْرِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ نُقَيِّضْ لَهُ شَيْطَانًا فَهُوَ لَهُ قَرِينٌ وَإِنَّهُمْ لَيَصُدُّونَهُمْ عَنِ السَّبِيلِ وَيَحْسَبُونَ أَنَّهُمْ مُهْتَدُونَ “And whoever turns himself away from the remembrance of the Beneficent Allah, We appoint for him a Shaitan, so he becomes his associate. And most surely they turn them away from the path, and they think that they are guided aright” Surah Zukhruf verse 36-37

Erratic behaviour in one’s words, deeds and movements 3. Seizures (with no medical cause) 4. Paralysis of a limb (with no medical cause) 5. Being quick to get angry or weep with no apparent cause. 6. Sitting in the toilet for a long time, and talking to oneself. 7. Constant headaches ( on one or both sides of the head) with no medical cause, which is not eased by painkillers. 8. Irregular menstruation in women. 9. Not producing children although both husband and wife are medically sound and able to reproduce. Wife becoming very distressed when her husband has intercourse with her.Not succeeding in efforts to get married.

Symptoms when one is asleep: Frightening nightmares:

Seeing various kinds of creaturesSeeing oneself falling from a high placeSeeing people in strange formsSnakes/DogsA man may see a woman who wants him to have intercourse with her (and opposite) constantly in his dreams, or he may see someone threatening him.Unable to sleep, Anxiety and fear upon waking.Talking LOUDLY in ones sleep, moaning and groaning.

IMPORTANT NOTE: No one can be certain that a person has been possessed by the jinn until after the QURAN has been recited over him (ruqiya).


Dream Symptoms 
Serious sleepless nights
Frequent bad dreams scary people
Frequent bad dreams scary animals
Frequent bad dreams scary creators
Dreams about a shadowy figure
Black dog
Black snake
Ball of fire overhead
Bird flying overhead
Too often have erotic dreams
Too often having wet dreams
Sleep walking without realizing
Gritting your teeth during sleep
Screaming during sleep
Crying during sleep
Laughing during sleep
Suffocating during sleep
Oneself among the dead
You are flying
Snakes around you
Snakes in your house
Snakes in your garden
Being chased by someone

Physical Health

Symptoms does not respond to treatment
Severe tightness in the chest
Occasional constant stomach-aches
Frequent vomiting
Pain in the lower part of the back
Moving pain from head, neck and shoulders
Constriction in the throat
Serious digestion problems
Constant Cramps
Always feeling weak
Always feeling dizzy
Having frequent epileptic attack
Doctors cannot find the cause of the illness
Feeling pins and needles
Moving pains in the body
Male Impotency
Inability sexual intercourse with spouse
Part of the body becomes numb
Part of the body shakes
Female frequent miscarriage
Female heavy bleeding
Female menstrual irregularities
Male premature ejaculation

Sweating heavily when asleep
General cases of failed marriages
You hate everything about your spouse
Seeing jinn (spirit, ghost)
The feeling you hate everyone in the house
Extreme unawareness
Strange staring
Hearing voices in your head
Always having bad temper
Keep on seeing spouse in an ugly way
Serious headache with no definite cause
Heaviness on the heart
Complete loss of appetite for food
Hallucination (seeing what is not real)
Keep on having negative thoughts
Feeling the presence of somebody in the house
Always feeling suffocated and restless
Feeling depressed

Sudden obedience love for a particular person
Feeling irritable or tense
Staying in the washroom for a long time
Being afraid in the bath room
Thoughts of death or suicide attempts
Difficulty in concentrating
Heavy weight on the shoulders
Feelings of hopelessness
Extreme forgetfulness
A great deal of suspicion
Feeling something is moving in the body
Keeping one self away from family
Prefer not to have showers
Uncontrollable anger

Ruqya Qur’an Healing

Ruqya in Arabic means healing, the Islamic way according to the sharia, using only the Qur’an and sunnah. Ruqya is used for cure against: black magic, evil eye and jinn possession.

Reciting the Qur’an, the powerful words of ALLAH SWT on the those suffering from black magic, jinn possession, the evil eye and other ailments is a treatment and a cure.

The use of specialised prayers or Qur’anic verses are known as ruqya. The Prophet (pbuh) and his companions used this method of healing, as evidenced by many ahadeeth in Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmithi and others. . Ruqyah is a valuable tool for treating a variety of disorders and diseases.

We are told in the Qur’an that Prophet Ibraheem, alayhis salam, said, “And when I am ill, it is He Who cures me.” [26:80]The Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wasallam, said: “There is a remedy for every malady, and when the remedy is applied to the disease it cures it with the permission of Allah, the Exalted and Glorious.” (Muslim) Also, the Prophet, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam, said, “Make use of the two remedies: honey and the Qur’an.” (Tirmithi)

In sha Allah I will do a separate blog post on Ruqya and the beautiful cure and healing from the magnificent Qur’an.


Black Magic Protective Measures

Subhanallah, there are many ways to protect against sihr (black magic). I have included some of these below.

Eat seven pressed dates in the morning before eating any food if you can. Dates should preferably be from Al-Madina. If this is not possible, then eat any pressed dates. The Prophet (pbuh) said, “Whoever eats seven pressed dates every morning before eating any food, will not be affected by poison or black magic”. Al-Bukhari, 10/249


Al- Wudhu, black magic does not affect a person in a state of wudhu, for he is protected by an angel sent by the Merciful (Allah SWT). Ibn Abbas reported: “The Prophet (pbuh) said,

‘Wash these bodies, and Allah (SWT) will wash you. There is no servant who sleeps in a state of wudhu’, but that an angel accompanies him in his clothes; and there is not a moment that he moves in bed, but that the angel says: ‘O Allah! Forgive Your Servant, for he has slept in a clean state”.

Observing salat in congregation secures a Muslim person from Satan, and neglecting it makes Satan dominate him. And if Satan dominates a person, he harms him with sihr (magic) and other things which he can easily do. Abu Ad-Darda (ra) reported:

“I heard the Prophet (pbuh) say, “There are not three people in a town or in the countryside who do not observe congregational salat, but that Satan dominates them. Remain with the community, for the wolf seizes the solitary sheep moving away from the flock”.

Whosoever wishes to protect himself against black magic should observe salat during the night. Neglecting it allows Satan to dominate a man. If he does, then you will make yourself a hotbed for the effect of black magic on you. Ibn Mas’ud (ra) reported:

“When the Prophet (pbuh) was asked about his opinion of a man who slept until Dawn prayer, without waking up for qiyyamul-layl, he said that Satan urinated in the man’s ear”.

Isti’ada (seeking refuge with Allah (SWT) upon entering the toilet).

A Muslim should seek refuge with Allah (SWT) upon entering the toilet, because Satan takes advantage of the Muslim’s presence in the toilet in order to harm him in this filthy place which is the home of satanic jinn.

It is confirmed that the Prophet (pbuh) used to say the following invocation upon entering the toilet:

“Allahumma inni a ‘udu bika minal-khubti wal-khba’iti (O Allah! I seek refuge in you from the male and female satans.)”


Perform ablution before going to bed, recite Ayatul kursiy and invoke Allah (SWT) in bed until you fall asleep. It is confirmed that Satan told Abu Hurayra (ra):

“Whosoever recites Ayatul kursiy before going to bed, he will be guarded by Allah (SWT) and no satan will approach him throughout the night”. The Prophet (pbuh) confirmed the Satan’s statement and told Abu Hurayra (ra) “The Satan told you the truth, but he is a liar”.


La ilaha illa Allah wahdahu la sharika lahu lahulmulk wa lahulhamd wa huwwa ‘ala kullishay’in qadir 100 times after Dawn prayer. The Prophet (pbuh) said that whosoever says it will have a reward equal to the manumission of 10 slaves, will have ten good deeds added to and ten bad deeds erased from his register, and will be protected by this supplication from the satan throughout the day until the evening. No one is better than he who says this supplication except a man who says more.

 Say the following invocation, three times in the morning and three times in the evening:

Bismi Allahi al-‘azim la yadhurru ma’a smihi shay’un filardhi wala fi as-sama’i wa huwwa as-sami’u al-‘alim.

(In the Name of Allah SWT, with Whose Name nothing harms, on earth and in Heavens, and He is the All-Hearer, the All-Aware).

Upon leaving the house, say:

Bismillahi tawakkaltu ‘ala Allahi la hawla wala quwwata illa billahi)

When you say it, you will be told (without your awareness): “You have been spared, protected and guided”. The Satan will keep away from you and will tell another: “What can you do to a man who has been guided, protected and spared?” Abu Dawud.

Say: A’udhu bikalimati Allahi at-tammat min sharri ma khalaq), in the morning and in the evening.

These are some of the protective measures against black magic in general and ar-rabt, in particular if applied sincerely and truthfully. There are a lot more protective measures however I have only mention some of them above.


Subhanallah, there is still so much knowledge available on this subject and it is something we should make ourselves well acquainted to. Knowledge is power. I have only been able to write up some of the main points, however I would encourage you to purchase the book ‘Sword Against Black Magic & Evil Magicians, which includes two CDS with all the powerful surahs and recitations to cure you.

There also many youtube videos available, in where you can listen to the ruqya and even download apps. Its important to follow the guidelines prior to doing so. I will in sha Allah write a separate blog on ruqya and the beautiful healing from the Quran.

I pray that Allah azawajal, The Most Kind and The Most Merciful cures and protect us all from the harm and evil that is afflicting us Aameen.

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