2015-08-06_20.38.29What is going on? Almost, every girl I see looks perfect, too perfect I would say. If it is 9 O’clock in the morning or at 10 O’clock at night. There are certain sisters who have to make sure they look perfect all the time. Who wouldn’t dare have anyone see them without their 50 layers of makeup on and hair or hijab styled to perfection.
Every girl wants to look pretty and if you are a girly girl then even more so. But makeup, although the products have improved dramatically over recent years, I fear a new sense of insecurity, self-obsession, increased vanity and a whole load of other underlying issues emerging.
Before I write on, I would like it to be known that I am not anti-makeup and find myself amazed with all the different makeup products that are on the market, yes the quality and application techniques are very impressive indeed. However, is it really necessary for us to wear foundation, concealer, highlighter, eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow, blusher, and a perfectly contoured face everyday?
A full on makeup face along with the perfect styled hair has been trending more than ever now I feel. It’s like some mad makeup addictive behaviour, if you want to apply makeup go ahead if that is what you want but I think we should ask ourselves do we really need to look like we are going to the Oscars every single day? I feel tired just thinking about it!
It appears the younger girls are, the earlier they attempt to master this perfect image. Makeup isn’t really that cheap, the lipstick you may apply on a special occasion or makeup look, will be the same look girls are adorning on normal days.
Some of you are probably thinking so what if a person feels happy this way then let it be. However I feel there is much more to it than that. The MUA craze, Instagram makeup constantly in our face, perfect photos we see more frequently, now more than ever, have a massive impact on us and do we even know it? It’s a money game for them.
There is this expectation now for everyone’s eyebrows to be on fleek and to wear fake eyelashes, extensions almost daily. We must remind ourselves what our religion says about modesty and how important it is for a Muslim girl.
Yes we are all sinners, and none of us are perfect but does that mean we don’t give these things a second thought? All this spending must also have a financial impact too, afterall makeup isn’t cheap.
Again, I would like to reiterate than I’m not against makeup but I am concerned of this idea of looking perfect all the time. It could be claimed its confidence and it makes a person feel happy but really ask yourself is this the case? Please refer to my the articles ‘Seductive Selfies’ and ‘Dear Sister What happened to your Modesty?”
Men already have so many expectations and demands from a woman, are we creating another one? To look perfect at all times? What happens when we don’t have the time, money or energy for it? Short lived marriages, no long term commitment, men replace one pretty girl, one after the other. Are we becoming to free, to immodest, and nothing more than a pretty face?

My young sisters, enjoy being young. There is no need for you to grow up so quickly. I’m speaking to my beautiful sisters that are between 13 – 19 years old here. Why are you in such a hurry to look older, and grow up so quickly? Honestly, it’s so hard to tell these days if a girl is 17 or 25. So much makeup, way too much make up and dress up, from such a young age. I’m speaking about full face makeup in particular. Why so much contour, fake eye lashes, Anastasia brows for an everyday look? What attention this much be attracting from older boys, older men that are deceived into thinking that you are more older than you actually are. And the time and money spent on a daily basis to appear what most girls would be at a wedding party.
Try not to be fooled by all these quotes promoting nothing but glam on a daily basis, the world isn’t your runaway and life isn’t about being on fleek. The world is actually our test and we are constantly being tested we should try and remember this. My sisters, use this time to let your personality develop, and enjoy the little things instead of being so engrossed in fashion and makeup. You are more than that.
A greater focus should not be solely on our appearance and our bodies or faces but on what is in the inside, on our character and soul.
How wonderful would it be to straight away, wake up and not makeup but to think carefully of what negative traits are within us that we are going to battle out today, how we are going to dress our soul and contour our character so we can be at our best. How wonderful, would the world be if we concentrated on beautifying our thoughts, intentions and words and ultimately pleasing Allah, the one who has created us. Be truly beautiful by making a difference to someone by smiling more, or being more helpful than just appearing to look beautiful. Unlike makeup that wipes of after a face wash the beauty of the soul and character will remain no matter what, in fact you will become more beautiful every time you do your wudhu and wash away those minor sins.
So next time you want to detox or cleanse your face or body, don’t forget about giving importance to beautifying your personality, and manners, beautifying your hearts firstly, and secondly your appearance within Islamic boundaries of course.
Many girls have become self- obsessed when it comes to makeup which has resulted in major self-esteem issues for some and for others a mega ulter-ego, and so vain leading to a disgusting attitude and self -worship, and ‘‘I’m better than everyone’’ attitude. You can see this by just looking at some peoples Instagram pages. It is a real shame. Please don’t take these people as your role models they will only harm you.
Just to make it clear, once again, it is not makeup that I’m against, it is to the extent we have taken this full party/wedding makeup, wearing it daily that I find extreme. The amount of time, effort and thought that goes into it ask yourself when was the last time you put this much effort into salah, dua, repentance, on improving your character, attitude, improving your relationship with the One who gave you this amazing hair, face and body that you spend hours on hours beautifying. Have you even thanked him for the wonderful blessings in your life? Or are you the type of girl that only remembers Him when you are praising yourself or others with ‘Ma’sha’Allah’?
To finish off I’m not telling you not to wear makeup or to not care about your appearance, all I am saying is let us all prioritise beautifying our hearts and souls since these are the things that will live on forever and to enjoy your innocence. I understand there is a lot of pressure to flaunt yourself and a lot of younger girls look up to the Kardashians for inspiration but please unfollow all indecent people they are the last people we should want to follow or take as role models. Take your time to grow into a beautiful butterfly. Who wants to look the same from their teens to their 20s, to their 30s? it’s a bit boring. Give your future husband something to look forward to, and let him see you at your best, on your wedding day, because with all this makeup you are just going to end up looking the same.
Everything I say in all my blogs I first and foremost remind myself of, as we are all sinners and have weaknesses. Let us be helpers of one another and constantly remind ourselves of the aim of our lives which is not to make a million bucks, or to look a million but to worship and obey Allah and follow the sunnah of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him.

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