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If you follow me on instagram @muslimatoday then you’ll know how much I love my Hijabs. And I’m a person who doesn’t often use pins or any fancy accessories. I like no-fuss Hijabs. For me time is important. I want to wrap a hijab over my head that feels and looks good without having to spend too much time on it. I love my colours so when I was asked to do a review by sister Rashdah of Hidden Pearls and the option to select my own Hijabs, firstly I was impressed by their website and then the vast variety of Hijabs and accessories available to choose from. I was spoilt for choice!

Along with my daughter, I browsed the Hidden Pearls website, carefully admiring all the Hijabs that appeared before our eyes!

My daughter, had just recently made the decision to wear the hijab (Allahumma Barik laha - may Allah bless her). So the experience of our first online shopping together for Hijabs at Hidden Pearls was extra special and a truly unforgettable one.

Here is a list of Hijabs and a quick review on some we enthusiastically had selected:

Maxi Plain Chiffon Hijab

This hijab has become one of my favourites. I must admit I’ve never worn a mustard coloured hijab before so I thought I’d experiment with something new and am I glad that I did! Ma Sha Allah I love it, my husband loves me in it and I’m sure you will love it too!

Lace Hijab

I was on the hunt for a navy blue hijab so when I saw this stylish one I had to take it! It is pretty, comfortable and practical. The delicate lace panels adds a lovely elegance to it. It’s one that I find myself reaching out for often.

Jersey Plain Hijab

The sky blue hijab is the one that caught my daughter’s eye. A beautiful blue sky jersey hijab. Soft, comfortable, breathable and easy to wear and one that she loves to wear on the weekends. Again it’s another fuss free Hijab, which stays in place.

Plain Crimp Hijab

And finally the plain crimp Hijab - a trendy, light weight hijab, which doesn’t need to be ironed, making life that much easier for a person like me that’s constantly on the go.

I hope you liked the look of these Hijabs as much as I did, they look exactly as they are in the pictures. Great quality Hijabs that I’ll happily recommend to everyone.

Click this link now and step into the wonderful world of Hidden Pearls.

About the owner of Hidden Pearls:

Rashdah Hameed is one of the founding partners of Hidden Pearls. She started her amazing business venture in September 2016. It gave her life a new purpose after spending the previous 8 years caring for her mother (may Allah grant her paradise and reward Rashdah for her sacrifice).

Explore her wonderful website now and order the hijab that’s been patiently waiting for you.

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