The Forbidden Relationship: A Handbook on Love, Lust & Heartbreaks

The Forbidden Relationship illustrates the dangers of haraam relationships. It offers deep insight into what a haraam relationship is and why it is deemed wrong, all the while providing practical steps on how to avoid such relationships, and if worse comes to worst, how to deal with the aftermath of such a relationship.

“An inevitable resource for Muslims of Today. An effective and powerful exposure of the psychology behind illicit relationships and the plots of shaitan that tempts you into immorality and sin”.

“Self-help Haraam Relationship book; empowering you to break free from the shackles of temptations of modern living. A must-have for every Muslim household!”

“Utilising a dynamic approach, this non-fiction book empowers you with tips and techniques that will facilitate a shift in your perspective.The real-life stories section provides a complete view of the situation – offering great insight and self-help strategies”.

“Great read. Would recommend. I love this book it’s so important for my generation! It answers most of the questions that teenagers have and provides valuable information that everyone needs to know! Thank you for writing such a book. I can’t wait to get my hands on the paperback!”

“Save yourself and your loved ones from the hellfire! Buy this book and give yourself a way out of every Haraam relationship.. it may just save your life!”

“The content of the book is a very much-needed one for today’s time, especially, for Muslims born and/or being raised up in the West. This is a very trying era and we need such reminders of what’s right and what’s wrong. I also loved the way you enlisted the different excuses that people give and shot each one down Islamically. The section on Players and their ‘games’ was educative as well. Many of the techniques that you had mentioned were very new to me, so I was enlightened with its awareness.

I personally love the section on quotes. I always love reading short 2-line quotes. They are wisdom imparted in bite-sized portions. So that section was a ‘win’ for me. And the real-life stories were a beautiful addition. It gives a reader a practical perspective and shows that this plague is real. That section was a ‘win’ too for me. I think if I were a Muslim residing in the West, I would be happy that such a book has come out”.

“I have read your new book and I absolutely love the message. Ashamed to admit I was a part of this terrible disease. You hit the nail on the head when you say the effects of zina is life lasting and very difficult to recover from. The book is excellent and it inspires me to want to have the courage to walk away without feeling guilty if my reason is to do it for the pleasure of Allah. It is so simple and an easy read
…I have read it over like 3 times”.

Mr Blue in Rainbow Planet: A story of staying true to who you are (Volume 1)

Mr Blue is a caring citizen of Rainbow Planet. He is a hero to his community, until one day another Blue does something really bad. Then all of a sudden Mr Blue and the Blue-kind are demonised. Most media attempt to divide people and paint a certain group with the same brush. The story illustrates that one bad Blue does not represent one million good Blues. This is a book with a positive message about a unified community. A story of hope and truth, reflecting the times we are currently living in. Written by Maryam Yousaf after her daughter came home from school one day, upset for being called a terrorist as she was non-white and Muslim. She was also told that she would get shot. Maryam instantly realised that the only way to combat bigotry and hatred is through education. So on that very day she sat and penned down the story you now have before you.

“The simple yet compelling story of Mr. Blue raises a very serious issue. It is highly important for children of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds to learn that a few individuals do not represent a whole community. They should similarly realise at an early age that it is not correct to bully anyone because they look different or come from the same religion/country/race as a terrorist. By having more books like these in the world, we can hopefully nurture a more tolerant and loving generation. This work is hence highly recommended for both children and their parents.”

“I found myself tearing up at the point when Mr. Blue had to face so much from people he had helped and prayed for all his life. The situation in Pakistan and the world over is so much the same now. I have been called a lot of names because of my niqab, and have been accused of defending child molesters whenever I tried to say that moulvis are the people who have studied deen and should not be judged for what a few of them do. And this was from people who are Muslim themselves, living in a Muslim country for all intents and purposes. I have been in a very disturbed frame of mind since then. And this is why I feel a dire need to recommend your book to adults as well as to children. Thank you so much for putting such a convoluted and complicated issue into simple, child-friendly words”.

“You really touched my heart. I think Allah sent this children’s book has come at a time when its truly needed”.

“It’s very good, an excellent method to get the message across.  I really enjoyed reading it, I enjoyed the colours, the rainbow planet. I am very impressed”. Mother of 1, Scotland, Coach

“Excellent work”. Mother of 3, Scotland 

“A good read featuring issues that can be perceived as issues that have been dominating current affairs. Bravo to the author for addressing this and presenting it into a story which can be understood by the younger generation who without doubt are subjected to similar situations via media including social media in as much simplicity form as possible. A simple story which teaches tolerance, importance of good morale and equality”. Mother of 4, Scotland

“Masha Allah you have written it well. I love the imaginations and how the story has been said. This is the current situations of Muslims in this world. We, Muslims are labelled as terrorists because of some groups. Masha Allah..keep it up and may Allah grant you success”. Sri Lanka

“Just read your story ‘Mr. Blue in rainbow planet” Masha Allah you have written it well. I love the imaginations and how the story has been said. This is the current situations of Muslims in this world. We, Muslims are labeled as terrorists because of some groups. Masha Allah..keep it up and may Allah grant you success”

“A meaningful message nicely put together”. Secondary Teacher, Scotland

“Oh my God, a story so well told! Schools would definitely benefit from I loved the way you put the message across. I pray from the bottom of my heart that Allah gives you so much success in the message you’re trying to put across”. Mother of 4, Scotland

“I’m very impressed with your book.  You have highlighted a very real and upsetting topic but have made it child-friendly. You’ve written it in a way that children will understand and the pictures are great and make it easy for children to look at and read. I thought the book could be used with younger children if a racist incident had taken place. The book would explain what was happening and would be good to use for discussion. It could be used with older children as they are exposed to more information  (television, newspapers ).  The message you are giving children is to always be kind. Which I really like and think is so important today. Treat people the way you would like to be treated no matter who they are and what they look like. I love how you have used rainbow colours instead of skin colours. It really works. Well done!”. Nursery Teacher, Scotland

“I liked that it tackled racism and I really enjoyed the idea of it being colours”. Zayna age 9

“This story had good morale to it. It teaches you to be a good character and not to blame people..also to be respectful. I enjoyed reading the book it also had good connectives and openers”. Saleha 11 Scotland


“This book is an excellent way to teach children how to love and respect each other no matter what colour they are or what beliefs they hold. It also tackles the difficult subject of how things are portrayed in the media. A lovely story with vibrant illustrations”. Scotland, Mother of 3

“A wonderful book, excellent for emotional development for children”. Assistant Head-Teacher, London