Ali Huda – Edutainment for Muslim Kids 

A couple of months ago, I told my husband I’d like to try Ali Huda – the Muslim version of Netflix for children which is aimed at 2-12 year old Muslim children. I wanted my children’s screen-time to be productive as well as entertaining. I also wanted to provide my children with a safe platform without the inconvenience of inappropriate adverts or links appearing.

I wished for my children to use their time productively and for Islam to be at the forefront of the activities they partook in. When I learned about Ali Huda I thought it would be a wonderful way for children to chill-out and at the same time learn about Islamic values. Therefore, when the opportunity to review Ali Huda was presented to me, I was stoked. It’s exactly what I wished for, alhamdulillah!

I’ve had Ali Huda since the first week of Ramadan and my children love it! Especially my five-year old!

The website is easy to navigate. The quality of the programmes I watched are just as good as the ones on mainstream channels, which I’m really pleased about. The cartoons are fun and engaging.

Ali Huda is available on multiple devices, such as iPhone, laptop, Apple TV, Android and chromosome. This makes it really convenient and easy to access. The shows are displayed in a similar style to Netflix, with the relevant information such as a brief description, language and age recommendations.

The setup is nice and clean without distractions such as links or adverts, which makes Ali Huda safer and more family-friendly than YouTube and other platforms. My children, particularly the younger ones, ask me almost daily to put Ali Huda on for them, and the elder siblings like to join in and watch.

My 7-year-old son described Ali Huda as ‘outstanding!’ He enjoyed most of the content and there is still so much to watch!

In my 5-year-old daughter’s words ‘Ali Huda is fantastic!’.

My 9 and 11-year-old son and daughter, thought the content was better suited to their younger siblings but look forward to more content aimed at their ages. To be fair, there is a whole host of shows they still haven’t watched.

My 9-year-old son enjoyed watching Saladin – an animated project inspired by the life of Salah Al-Din, the hero who became a legend.

I highly recommend you to visit @alihudatv or visit their website to find out more about their wonderful content and to read detailed descriptions of the programmes that they offer. It is something worth investigating further and you’ll be glad to know that they offer a free trial! Make sure you take advantage of this! There really is a wide variety of shows available such as Rhyming Quran, Little Explorers, KikoRiki, Once upon a time, and… too many to mention just right now!

Ali Huda provides excellent entertainment for children and imparts Islamic values at the same time. Finally, a platform where Muslim children can see themselves being represented.

Ali Huda is a place where you will find valuable education, important life lessons on the teachings of Islam presented in an entertaining and stimulating way In Sha Allah.

It should be noted that some programmes contain music.

Maryam Yousaf @muslimatoday
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